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Well prepared, well executed presentation and responses... A lot of really good ideas about things we don't usually want to think about... this session is the most important here... This is needed for everyone.

Thank you again for your outstanding presentations at the football officials' clinic. We got great responses from the attendees. You gave them a lot to consider in their officiating endeavors. As a staff, we were so pleased and honored to have you as an instructor. Your information, and witty observations, made your effort here one of the very best we have ever had in the 10 years we have been doing our Clinic. We look forward to a return visit in the future.

Always thorough and prepared ... Excellent at delivering non-athletic material in an awesome manner.

Alan's presentation, entitled "Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities" was given at a time that traditionally has most attendees falling asleep or sneaking out the back. But Alan's presentation was essential information, aimed directly at H.S. officials, and laced with his unique sense of humor. Not only did he hold the entire audience, he had so much feedback he was held late because there were so many folks with questions for him. Alan's was, in all sincerity, the highlight of the entire Conference.

Great Job today, as usual! Year in and year out you give us unique, insightful and important information we can't get anywhere else.

On behalf of the more than 200 officials and staff members at the Camp, I wish to extend our sincere appreciation for your presentations. Our officials were extremely enthusiastic about the information, your candor, and your wit. Today's world forces each and every one of us to focus on safety, respect, diligence, awareness, and prevention. You certainly brought this to the forefront. It is my hope that we can make this an annual event... Thanks for an outstanding and effective presentation.

Thanks again for all of your hard work and efforts... your information is incredibly valuable to the attendees. Time and time again, your sessions rate out as the highest on the block. We're so appreciative.

As usual, Al's unique style provides competent advice surrounded by his dry humor. Well organized, topical, educational... was informative to all levels... an outstanding session!

Our folks were so impressed with your information, but mostly about your delivery!!! It was terrific to have you on hand at our Board meeting - a big plus and so needed.

The board chairs were educated and engaged by Al Goldberger, an attorney who specializes in sports and association law. Goldberger's presentation…included a number of new aspects of board administration and suggestions for managing a local association's legal exposures.

Your presentation was excellent and generated a lot of comment. We have already been asked if you will be back next year to delve further into areas of officiating where your unique expertise and experience can be of great import to our officials.

Alan Goldberger was great. I really enjoyed the session... Alan Goldberger is always one of my favorites... He is informative without using so much legal jargon that you get lost in! I appreciate his humor in his delivery of information.

Thank you for a very informative session. I haven't had the opportunity to sit in on a Waiver session in a long while. Your session hands down was the best. Thank you for your expertise and sharing with our members.

You were the BEST presenter there! REALLY! I loved your comic timing! Thanks for being so dedicated to officials. You are doing important work and I appreciate you.

My goal in attending the convention was to bring something back to my board, and the session with Al Goldberger, a prestigious attorney from New Jersey and author and national authority on sports law and officiating, made it well worth the trip.

Thank you for providing my teaching staff with a workshop focusing on risk management and liability. It was very well received, and all of the teachers had positive comments on your presentation and knowledge of the subject matter. Most importantly, you made it relevant to their duties as teachers and coaches... The teachers also appreciated your input on several of the concerns presented during the workshop. The materials and topics were in direct line with my goals for the day.

If we have any questions or concerns regarding safety procedures, legal issues or the laws pertaining to this avocation... there is only one person, with whom we should consult: Alan Goldberger!! He is THE BEST "on the planet," which is why he is in such high demand to speak throughout the world at sports officials' events.

You were such a hit, so personable, and always patient with the questions and comments. I heard so MANY positive comments from attendees. Thanks so much!!

When you hear Alan speak, you'll think twice about allowing kids to warm-up with earrings covered with tape, your verbalizing what "you think should be done" to the injured player, etc. He has a way of "scaring us" into using the correct procedures and officiating the game by the rules of the game.

Great speaker... Superb!! Extremely knowledgeable... Nice job helping us understand when we might be liable... This was by far one of the best sessions. Really addressed real issues.

Needless to say, your presentation was well received by all who were in attendance, which is a direct reflection of your interest and expertise on behalf of all the officials and their chapters. Thank you for the presentation you made to the Legal Aspects class. The information provided was excellent, as always. The students commented that the examples provided were very helpful to their understanding. You have a great way about you when it comes to disseminating information.

You were terrific. Thanks so much for giving your time (even extra) for the great presentation. It's appreciated. It really got everyone thinking.

Alan Goldberger - great presenter on legal aspects of sports.

Thank you for presenting a most current and meaningful topic. Your effort is helping us achieve our goal of providing the best information in the marketplace. I appreciate the time that you spent and the information contained in the slide deck.

Great session, these are things a lot of people don't think about on a regular basis...Nice use of examples-court cases...Good useful information... A session like this should always be part of the agenda.

As always it is a privilege to work with you . . . I really meant it when I said that your sessions are very informative and also entertaining. You do a great job at providing information in a way that makes it fun.

Your role and insight are greatly needed and appreciated by our organization.

I attended your session....and thought it was a great presentation! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us!

Great seeing you in OC last week........and another brilliant and informative presentation.

In the lineup of presenters this year, Al Goldberger, an attorney who specializes in sports law, provided our members with sound legal advice that will hopefully keep our liability to a minimum. Alan Goldberger making some really interesting points about potential liability of adults when student-athlete experiences concussion/TBI.

Alan, much appreciated. Your presentation was superb!

The NASO attorney, Alan Goldberger, once again presented an insightful and often hilarious look at the legal environment for officials.

Great talk last night, Alan! You're a gifted and engaging presenter!

IAABO international meeting in Maryland - Liability meeting given by Al Goldberger (IAABO Attorney) was very impressive.

Thank you for your great session. I had many comments appreciating your humor and easy conversational style when presenting such an important topic. Thanks again.

Thank you for the great job you do and all the hard work you put into making the legal session such a sought-after topic. You are the man! LOVE your presentations!

Very important session...Thanks for clarity...The prelude presentation was a great lead in to the panel discussion...Everyone needs this information... Offered tremendously reasonable info! Superb opening presentation.

You're a very good moderator - fun and on subject. Well done.

We had our post-conference review meeting yesterday and you were mentioned with great gratitude from not only us, but many of the people who attended the conference.

By all accounts, I have heard great feedback on your presentation --- both on the actual information covered and also on your delivery of it.

I really enjoyed meeting you, and I enjoyed your talk, as did everyone I spoke with. As always, the presentation was informative and helpful.

As for the evaluation question was "What did you like best about the conference?" Most comments were that your presentation was excellent; most enjoyable part of the conference and great speaker... The staff loved having you at the conference.

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